• The amount of manure moved through the state’s transport program has more than quadrupled since the legislature boosted funding for it in 2012. More than 160,000 tons were transported last year, including nearly 120,000 tons in non-poultry litter and almost 60,000 tons in poultry litter. The total amount transported in 2012 — following years of state budget cuts — was 35,400 tons, almost all of which was poultry litter. *MDA
  • The MDA’s Animal Waste Technology Fundprovides incentives to companies that demonstrate new technologies on farms and provide alternative strategies for managing animal manure. These technologies generate energy from animal manure, reduce on-farm waste streams, and repurpose manure by creating marketable fertilizer and other products and by-products. *MDA
  • Maryland Ag Water Quality Cost-Share Program
  • Cover Crop Program
  • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program