farm audit and follow up inspections

Maryland Department of Agriculture’s chart shows an increase in farms getting audited and having follow-up inspections in the last 5 years.

  • Chesapeake Bay Clean Up milestones show that Maryland agriculture is at 130% of where it needs to be at this time.
  • The most recent analysis by the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program office shows that Maryland is on target to meet the 2025 Bay restoration goals. In fact, we are ahead of schedule. A look at the agricultural sector shows that Maryland farmers are reducing nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment. *EPA
  • Maryland finished more than 3.5 million pounds reduced ahead of schedule for nitrogen, nearly 147,000 pounds reduced ahead of schedule for phosphorus and nearly 90 million pounds reduced ahead of schedule for sediment which places us on the right trajectory to reach our 2017 and 2025 goals. *MDE
  • Nutrient Management plans are tested and updated every three years to stay current with farmland and scientific research. These plans were mandated by the state in 1998, under Governor Paris Glendening. *MDA